"Having worked with Louie in a number of capacities I have found him to be a talented commercial insurance advisor and risk manager, that can be an invaluable asset to any team. His understanding of the industry, business savvy, and unique skill set make him anomaly in today's business world. " 


—  -Anthony Ferraiolo, State Director- Private Client Group Nationwide Insurance



The Watson Group is a strategic partner for any insurance sales organization looking to grow or diversify through organic production or acquisition.  With more than 20 years of experience Watson Group and its partners can help you get access to markets, train and manage your producer staff, or hunt and close agency acquisitions.  We call our approach "Trench Coaching" because unlike other companies or programs we seek to become part of your team and dig our way to success.  Your growth is our gain!

  • Licensed agent in 2000

  • CIC earned in 2003

  • CRM earned in 2008

  • Served as expert witness in E&O cases- State of NH

  • Produced and managed personal portfolio of over $5 million DWP

  • Experienced in M&A of independent agencies

  • Executive VP of $30+ million independent agency

  • Sales Manager for Nationwide Insurance- 53 agencies & $70+ million of DWP



(sold through ISC in NH, ME, MA)


Trench Coaching


Have you ever hired salespeople that you thought were going to be successful that ultimately were not?  Struggle to find the solution over and over again? Ask yourself what you could do to make them successful?


Trench Coaching is designed to answer these questions and more by giving your producers the plan and support they need to start off on the right path toward success.  My name is Louie Watson and for the past 20 years I have been in the sales and sales leadership profession.  Working on both the small distribution and corporate fortune 100 side,  I have garnered the experience that I can bring to your staff. Whether it is selling a small transactional sale or building a multi-million dollar relationship the process and relationship building skills will be taught in this program.


What to expect...

I call this program “Trench Coaching” because it is done in a small group or individual setting and is very interactive.  Imagine a sales professional who passionately brings in new business, begins every day with a plan and focus, and sets the standard of performance in your organization.  My plan and support will produce these types of habits for new salespeople while breaking down unproductive patterns for old ones.

3 day training small group (max 5) -  Program topics will include; How to approach the market.  Getting past the gatekeeper. Qualifying a good lead, How to sell to underwriting. How to propose and close deals, along with other topics.  After the training and introduction to the program salespeople will organize their self-reporting tools and build a territory game plan.  

Weekly Tracking Commitment- The program includes tools for pipeline tracking and weekly review activity.  Your sales activity data will be in front of the producer, principal agent, and Watson Group.  We will remotely meet weekly with producers for 1 year to give feedback and hold salespeople accountable for activity.  Reports will be generated for leadership at the agency. Unlimited sales support and contact for producer.    

Typical ROI;  What will you get for the money?

  • Added Premium: If your producer participates in the program you will only need an additional $40,000 in first year annual premium to pay for the program.

  • Your Time: As the owner of the agency you will be able to hire a newer producer and for the first year not be bogged down with trying to manage.  This will free up personal time for family or your own production.

  • Hire slow, fire fast:  The program will give the manager or agency principle a third party evaluation to make sure the producer is a fit for the agency.  How many times have you kept someone on too long?  Imagine the savings!

*Programs can be done in your office or in off site group settings. (prices & services are tailored to your individual agency needs!)



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